Welcome to The WOW! Awards for Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

    We always aim to deliver the highest quality in our services and to give our patients and visitors the best possible experience. Through The WOW! Awards we recognise the hard work and contribution our staff make to publicly say 'thank you'.

    The WOW! Awards is the UK's only national award scheme in recognising excellent customer service based on customer and colleague nominations.

    At Hampshire Hospitals we recognise the value in saying 'thank you' whether it is for staff 'going the extra mile', 'making the difference', appreciating a colleague's customer / patient service.

    All nominees receive a letter from the Deputy Chief Executive. Winners are judged monthly and chosen by our public governors; presented with a certificate in their workplace; and invited to a celebration lunch with our Board of Directors, as well as the Hampshire Hospitals Annual Gala Ceremony.

    If you have received a positive experience and would like to say thank you, please complete the nomination form on the 'Nominate Us!' page (see categories below).

    • CARE - representing our Trust Values
    • Customer care - looking to reward individuals/teams who exceed patient/visitor or colleague expectations
    • Above & Beyond - recognising and rewarding individuals/teams who have gone above and beyond their formal, identified job duties to exceed the needs of patients, visitors and staff
    • Patient Safety - recognising those staff who consistently set a high standard of clinical excellence through improvement in systems that result in the reduction of potential harm to patients or help to create and promote a culture of openness sharing and learning.
    • Innovation - recognising an individual/team who have developed and implemented an innovative idea in medicine, technology, education or finance with the proven potential to make a significant contribution or change to improving efficiency, cost reduction, technology or changes in practice.
    • Environmental/sustainability - recognising individuals/teams who can demonstrate by their own actions they have changed or inspired others to reduce the carbon footprint (eg energy saving, recycling, reduction in waste)